Welcome to our virtual office!


Do you want to know more about our Parish School?
Possibly looking to reserve a room for a meeting or event?
Want to submit a prayer request or another pastoral request?
Perhaps you need to request a copy of a Sacramental Certificate?
Maybe you simply have something you want to ask us or tell us about?

 Is there something else you need?  Check the links under the Virtual Office menu above to see your options!


Sometimes you need or like or prefer to stop by the office… other times it’s simply more convenient if you have one less errand to run, one less stop to make – that’s what this space is for!  Think of this as the place to find whatever it is you need to either pick up from the church office, drop off at the church office, or ask about at the church office.

Hopefully you can find whatever you need right here, and if not, we’re always happy to help you in the office!  But if you end up there wishing you could have found it here, be sure to let us know!