A wonderful movement is afoot in our Diocese! Please take time read the Synod Letter and pray about how you fit in this movement!

“Monsignor Vaghi insightfully calls the Upper Room “the most important room in all of Christendom” because of the significance of the actions that tradition tells us occurred there:

The events that took place in the Upper Room prior to and immediately after the crucifixion of Christ, and in the days following his Resurrection, can never be undone or forgotten. The fruits of Jesus’s life and ministry, as witnessed in the precious moments in the Upper Room documented in Scripture, continue in and through the Church.3

Monsignor Vaghi goes even further by saying the Upper Room gives us today an “icon of a fruitful Church”.4 This caught my attention since a fruitful local church was my very reason for calling this Synod. I am so grateful that Bishop Williams recommended a rereading of the book. I soon found myself wondering with him if the image of the Upper Room and the mysteries celebrated therein could give us a key to interpreting the Synod Assembly data. The longer I pondered the Synod data through the lens of the Upper Room, the more this seemed to be the case.

Three mysteries in particular – the washing of the feet, the breaking of the bread and the coming of the Holy Spirit – seemed to capture the hopes and dreams of our Synod Members and offer a key to understanding the Synod voting data, giving us a clear vision for implementing the Synod Priorities going forward. As Monsignor Vaghi so beautifully wrote, “In this humble space, the most important room in all of Christendom, where Jesus set a remarkable precedent of faith and service, we were given a new understanding of God’s love and the revolutionary power of the Holy Spirit was unleashed”.5

My dear brothers and sisters, let us then ascend to the Upper Room to learn how these lessons of faith, service, love and power will guide us in the fulfillment of our Synod dreams.”


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