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Our Lady of the Lake School is unique in many ways. One of our special qualities involves our School Board that was formed in 2013. Our School Board is different from many other Parish schools in the archdiocese because it is an elected board that plays an active role in the governance of our school.

The elected members are eligible to serve two-year terms on the Board, with a maximum of six consecutive years. Half the seats on the board are up for election or re-election this year. Serving on the Board is certainly a lot of work, but it’s a great way to serve your school. If you’re interested in serving on the school board, please fill out the attached Candidate Application and return it to the church or school office by Monday, April 15th.

Click here to download the application.

Candidate Eligibility/Code of Ethics:

  1. Candidates must meet voter eligibility.
  2. Candidates should exhibit a demonstrated competence and interest in his/her chosen field of committee involvement.
  3. Candidates should be able to maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.
  4. Candidates should be able to deal with situations as they relate to the good of the entire school community.
  5. Candidates should support board decisions even if they do not fully agree with them.
  6. Salaried parish employees or their spouses, or anyone currently holding elected or appointed parish office are ineligible to become a candidate for election to the School Board.

There are five seats available for election or re-election to the Board. In order to promote a diverse board, candidates are asked to run for one of the following seats based on their background and talents:

1. Education

2. Legal/Finance/Business

3. Marketing/Advertising/Communication

4. Technology

5. At-Large

Elections will be held after Masses on Saturday, April 27st and Sunday, April 28nd. Voter eligibility requires each voter participating in the School Board election to be 18 years of age or older. Each voter must also be a guardian of a current student at Our Lady of the Lake School or be a member of Our Lady of the Lake Parish.

Eligible voters who will not be at Mass can turn their ballots into the school office any time before Wednesday, May 1.

Election results will be announced in the school email on Friday, May 3, and in the church bulletin on May 4th.

The candidate biographies will be published Friday, April 18st,  through the school website, school office email list, and handouts sent home with students.  Candidate biographies will be included in the e-bulletin the week of April 15th.  The candidate biographies will be included on the ballot.

Any questions can be directed to Gretchen Chilson at