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Request Facility Usage at OLL

To schedule the use of our facilities for a meeting or event, please read the OLL Facility Rules Document.  You can then fill out the OLL Facility Use Scheduling Request Form when you are ready and submit it to Charlotte Nee by email or dropping it in the office

…or you can submit the form online below instead:

Scheduling Request Form

Upon clicking "Submit" below, this request will be forwarded to Charlotte Nee (952.472.8206, in the Church Office. You will receive an email with this request and Char's contact information.

Please note that Church related events (funerals, weddings, or other liturgies) will take precedence over your planned event. OLL will make every effort to accommodate your group, but there is a possibility there might not be an alternative space that is appropriate for your needs.

Each group is responsible for leaving the area in the same condition it was found.

By signing below, I acknowledge this information and I understand it is my responsibility to contact the Church Office if any changes are made to any dates, times (Actual, Setup, or Cleanup, or if cancelling the event).  

Thank you!