RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (Becoming a Catholic)

RCIA is a spiritual journey into the Catholic faith.

It is an exploration of Catholic teachings, traditions, and practices. Participants attend weekly sessions which begin in the fall each year. It is a process whereby adults become fully participating members of the church through a series of rites, which conclude at the Easter Vigil service in the spring. Each person is supported by sponsors and the prayers of the entire church community.


                Information Night If you missed the Information Night on Sept. 29th, there is still time to join the class for this year. No commitments and no cost. Come and learn about the beauty and depth of the Catholic faith. Contact Carla at (952) 472-8204 or clabore@ourladyofthelake.com.


Adult Bible Study – In the first week, we heard about how Adam and Eve and the subsequent Israeli generations fell away from God and did not trust Him. In week 2, we will hear about how God restores that opportunity to trust Him through His Son Jesus. Subsequent sessions will look at more of the saints who were particularly devoted to the Sacred Heart of Mary. Learn more about this special devotion on Monday night at 6:30pm or Tuesday afternoon at 1:30pm, in the Fireside Room.

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For more information or questions regarding RCIA and the process please contact Carla at 952-472-8204 or clabore@ourladyofthelake.com

Carla LaBore

Carla LaBore

Pastoral Minister and Adult Education