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RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (Becoming a Catholic)

RCIA is a spiritual journey into the Catholic faith.

It is an exploration of Catholic teachings, traditions, and practices. Participants attend weekly sessions which begin in the fall each year. It is a process whereby adults become fully participating members of the church through a series of rites, which conclude at the Easter Vigil service in the spring. Each person is supported by sponsors and the prayers of the entire church community.

    What if I have already been baptized in a Protestant faith?

    Coming into full communion with the Catholic Church describes the process for entrance into the Catholic Church for already baptized Christians. In most cases, these individuals make a profession of faith but are not baptized again. To prepare for this reception, the people, who are called Candidates, participate in a formation program called RCIA, to help them understand and experience the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church. This preparation is done alongside the Catechumens – the Candidates who are also preparing for baptism, in addition to the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. 


    RCIA is for those who:

    1. have not been baptized
    2. have been baptized in another faith and now wish
      to join the Catholic church 
    3. have been baptized in the Catholic faith but have
      not received the sacraments of Confirmation and/or


      We cannot understand Christ without his Church, just as we cannot understand the Church without her spouse, Christ Jesus, who gave his life out of love, and who makes us see that it is worth the price. 


      -Pope Francis

      Want more info?

      For more information or questions regarding RCIA and the process please contact Carla at 952-472-8204 or

      Carla LaBore

      Carla LaBore

      Pastoral Minister and Adult Education