Just a reminder regarding phishing emails that appear to come from Father Tony! Please delete the email contact the parish office if you have any concerns or questions.

Tips to Recognize a Phishing Email

  • If the email address isn’t from ourladyofthelake.com it isn’t from him. Also, make sure that the address is spelled correctly. Some phishing emails simply misspell our domain name and if you glance quickly you will think it is from the parish.
  • Don’t open an attachment if sent from an email you don’t recognize; even if it has Fr. Tony’s name on it.
  • If the email doesn’t address you by name it isn’t from him.
  • If the email is asking for you to send money or gift cards to Fr. Tony or a family member of his for personal reasons it isn’t from him.

If you are concerned or don’t know if an email is trustworthy; call the parish office or reach out to Fr. Tony to make sure the email came from him.