In simplest terms, Pastoral Care is “helping others”, often by offering emotional and spiritual support to our sick or elderly brothers and sisters.

Pastoral care is considered to be the responsibility of all baptized Christians and is one of the most significant ways that we, as members of the Body of Christ, can continue the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are in need or would like to be a part of this wonderful work of carrying on the mission of Jesus, there are many options available!



Here at OLL our Pastoral Care Ministry includes and oversees the following:


  • Making Funeral Arrangements
  • Sharing Upcoming Funeral Details and Obituaries and offering a space for families to receive condolences with members of the Body of Christ
  • Visiting the elderly and sharing prayer and Communion/Masses with them
  • Offering support to those who are going through a period of Grief as well as to Cargivers of Alzheimer’s/Demnntia sufferers through Support groups
  • We offer various Prayer Ministries to support the prayer needs of our community including a prayer chain, as well as Mass Intentions (the Priest offers the Mass for your specified intention), and Mass Intercessions (your name or the name of your loved one is read during the prayer intercessions at the weekend Masses to be prayed for by all).
  • Finally, we also have various Outreach Ministries to reach those who are unable to attend Mass or may need medical/spiritual resources.
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