Whether you’re new to our parish or you’ve been around a while but haven’t made yourself at home here yet, there is sure to be an event that you will find interest in!

We offer anything as big as our annual Incredible Festival to something as small as a pancake breakfast hosted by our council of the Knights of Columbus.  Or maybe you’d enjoy a day trip to a nearby shrine hosted by the Faith Formation group or a more local day retreat hosted by the CCW (Council of Catholic Women).

Annual Events
Although the church is busy throughout the year, the events that consistently happen include:

The School also hosts consistent annual events – many of them being fun events for kids and for the community! Check out their events on their website!

Watch the news and events page and subscribe to the calendar and also subscribe to our news  so you are aware when any of these fun events is coming up and you can be part of it!

Click this link to see the list of the current books in our library.

Our parish library is managed by Carla LaBore, please contact her with any questions or concerns!

Preparing for Mass can help you more fully experience the Mass.  There are many ways you can prepare for Mass.  One great way to prepare is to read and reflect on the Mass readings ahead of time.  If you have children, involve them in this practice too, read and reflect as a family!  Draw attention to what you have learned throughout the week as God sends you opportunities to grow and learn and share in these areas He has placed before you.  Then when you go to Mass as you listen to the readings, there may be distractions and you may not hear every word that comes from the pulpit, but you can reflect on all the wonderful gifts related to these readings that God has given you throughout the week, knowing He will continue to as well!

If you wish to explore your options, there are many places you can find the readings and/or reflections and meditations on the readings either for the coming week or for the past week.  Many will also allow you to subscribe to them via RSS or email.  You can even listen to and subscribe to podcasts and listen while you drive to work!  

Don’t feel like exploring just want to do it? Check out these options…