Calendar for the Week of August 25th, 2019
(please note that this is not the most accurate or thorough church calendar, see end of email regarding more complete calendar options)

Sunday August 25th
8:30am Mass {Mass Intention: Parish}  
10:30am Mass {Mass Intention: William Schumacher}  

Monday August 26th
8:00am Communion Service 
8:30am Eucharistic Adoration – St. John Paul II Chapel 
6:30pm Scouts Court of Honor – Presentation Room  
6:30pm Bible Study – Fireside Room 

Tuesday August 27th
8:30am Eucharistic Adoration – St. John Paul II Chapel  
1:30pm Bible Study – Fireside Room  
6:00pm Confessions  
6:30pm Mass {Mass Intention: Tim Daly} 
7:00pm Parish Council Meeting – Fr. Jager Room  

Wed. August 28th
9:00am School Mass {Mass Intention: Greg Reep}  add to my calendar

Thursday August 29th
8:00am Mass {Mass Intention: Ministries of the Parish}  add to my calendar
8:30am Eucharistic Adoration – St. John Paul II Chapel  add to my calendar
10:00am Communion Ministry at LMS  add to my calendar

Friday August 30th
8:00am Communion Service  add to my calendar

Saturday August 31st
4:00pm Confessions  add to my calendar
5:00pm Mass {Mass Intention: Parish}  add to my calendar

Sunday Sept 1st
8:30am Mass {Mass Intention: Bob Blake}  add to my calendar
10:30am Mass {Mass Intention: Alan Blackwell}  add to my calendar


Calendar Options

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