Despite changes to physical and mental abilities as we age, there is still an ability to grow and remain strong in ones spiritual life during the senior years. The body may break down, but the spirit is still capable of expansion, renewal, or even new birth in old age. In spite of changes, losses and chronic health conditions, elderly people can continue to cultivate their relationship with God.



They need somebody to be a listening friend, to offer hope and encouragement and to celebrate their lives.  They also need and very much value the Eucharist and the Holy Mass.  Our ministry provides them with all of this and so much more than we can know!




What we do…


Mass or Communion Service (alternate weeks) is offered every Thursday at 10:30 the Chapel at Lake Minnetonka Shores .  Volunteers assist with bringing residents to Mass, or giving Communion to those who are unable to get to Mass or the Communion Service.





If you would like to join this wonderful and very rewarding ministry, please contact Carla at 952-472-8204.

Carla LaBore

Carla LaBore

Pastoral Minister and Adult Education

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