Ministry Schedule

Here is the snapshot of the full Ministry Schedule for this 3-month period.  We will update this schedule periodically but please know that swap requests could have altered this schedule. 

 When you signed up to be a minister, a user id and password would have been emailed to you.  If you know your user id and password, you may access a “live” schedule using the following methods:

  • Use this link to log into the Ministry Scheduler Software: 
  • Download the Ministry Scheduler Pro App on your cell phone by going to the Play Store or APP store on your cell phone. Type in Ministry Scheduler Pro.  Download the APP, our Church Organization ID is OurLadyoftheLake.  

By using one of these 2 methods, you can easily view “your” schedule, the “full” schedule, request subs, and update your profile with known away dates. 

If you cannot remember your user id, feel free to contact the Church Office at 952-472-8206 for assistance.

Thank You.

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