This weekend Father Peter will deliver the 4th homily in the Kerygma series. This final piece in the “Big Story” has to deal with the response.. now that we know.. how will we respond?

“God’s plan for humanity is that we would always be in relationship with him. In fact, we are made to be with God forever, because he made us in his “image and likeness”. But, humans have sinned and this sin has caused a break in our relationship with God. Still, God had a plan to save us. He sent his Son, Jesus, to come and win us back to God. He lived, died, and rose from the dead in order to gain power over our sin and death. He laid down his own life, so that we can have eternal life. Now that we have this opportunity, it is up to us to respond to his gift of grace and mercy. Jesus waits for each of us to say “yes” to repenting of our sins, believing in him, being baptized, and living a life that glorifies God, so we can live forever in Heaven with him and as many others as possible. The choice is your own. Would you like to choose this grace today?”