Incredible Festival Talent Show

The Incredible Festival First Ever Talent Show! Join in the Fun! Prizes! Fill out the application below!

Talent Show Application
  1. Eligibility: The First Annual OLL Talent Show is open to amateur performers of all ages.  Students younger than 18 must have signed permission from a parent or guardian. Participants must not be professional artists.

  2. Performance Time: Each act will have a maximum of 10 minutes to showcase their talent, including setting up and striking equipment, scenery, or props. Timekeeping will be strictly enforced to ensure fairness for all participants.

  3. Act Limit: The talent show will feature a maximum of 15 acts. Registrations and video auditions will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all spots are filled. OLL reserves the right to substitute acts to balance the ages and genres represented at the competition. Registration closes one week prior to the competition date.
  4. Family-Friendly Content: All performances must be family-friendly, free from explicit language, and suitable for audiences of all ages. Any act deemed inappropriate, or offensive will be disqualified from the competition.
  5. All Genres: Participants are welcome to perform in any genre of their choice, including but not limited to singing, dancing, instrumental performances, magic tricks, comedy, and other forms of entertainment. Creativity and originality are highly encouraged.
  6. Judging Panel: There will be a panel of three judges who will evaluate and score each performance based on criteria such as talent, stage presence, creativity, and overall entertainment value. The judges' decision will be final.
  7. Prize Distribution: The top three winners, as determined by the judges' scores, will receive a share of the entry fees collected. The prize money will be divided as follows: 1st Prize=50%. 2nd Prize=30%. 3rd Prize=20%.
  8. Equipment and Props: Participants are responsible for providing their own equipment*, props, and musical accompaniment. They must ensure that their equipment is safe and properly set up within the allotted time frame.
  9. Dress Code: Participants should dress appropriately for their performance. Costumes and attire should be tasteful, respectful, and in accordance with the family-friendly nature of the show.
  10. Respect and Sportsmanship: All participants, judges, and audience members are expected to treat each other with respect and maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the talent show. Any form of harassment or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification or removal from the premises.
  11. Liability: While every effort will be made to ensure the safety of participants and audience members, the organizers of the talent show will not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, or loss or damage to personal property during the event.
  12. Registration and Entry Fees: Participants must register for the talent show in advance and pay the required entry fee of $20 prior to the competition. The entry fee will contribute to the prize pool for the winners.

The Annual Our Lady of the Lake Talent Show aims to provide a platform for aspiring performers to showcase their talents, entertain the audience, and foster a supportive and inclusive environment. Let the show begin!

*A small sound system will be provided which supports Bluetooth, CD player, electric keyboard, and inputs for 4 microphones/instruments.

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