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I’m New or Visiting


We are so excited you’re here!  Watch the video from our Pastor and then see the information below the video for various ways you can get involved and also get to know others here at OLL.


A Welcome Message from Our Pastor, Fr. Tony O’Neill




Just visiting?

We’re looking forward to your visit!  If you need a special accommodation, please call us or contact us here.  Find our address and location with a map and directions here.  We want your visit to be pleasant and hope that you find our parish family welcoming and loving, in the true form of Christ’s Discipleship.

New here?  

Maybe you’ve been coming around a bit and looking to officially join our family?  Or maybe you’re a new parishioner and looking to get to know people in the parish?  Possibly looking to become a Catholic?  Or maybe you want to return to your Catholic Faith.  Whatever the case, you are welcome here at Our Lady of the Lake and…

You should know… we want to get to know you too!

We’re all pretty friendly, feel free to say hello to the people you sit next to at Mass this weekend – you will likely find a smile and a warm hello!

Perhaps you and/or your family members would like to attend various  groups, events, and activities.

You should know that you’re sure to meet pretty much every parishioner – young and old – at our annual Incredible Festival in September!

And sometime soon after you join the parish, you can expect to be invited to a welcome dinner with Father Tony and some other new parishioners as well as a few seasoned ones too!

Another way to see familiar faces and get to know more people in our parish is through various  volunteer opportunities or sharing a special skill on one of our  Leadership committees.


We hope that all new members will join us in our mission of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.   We’re glad you came to us and look forward to having a new member in Christ’s Body here at OLL!