For our last full day in Guatemala, we hear from Kaleb. Wednesday we leave bright and early to get to Guatemala City to catch our flight home. Thank you all for following along on our journey! While we may be leaving Guatemala, the people we’ve met and the lessons we’ve learned will stay in our hearts and we know that we will continue to see God in the face of the poor and in all our brothers and sisters. God bless!

Today on the last day of our mission trip we started off by going to church and hearing a really good homily. Then we ate eggs and black beans for breakfast. After Breakfast we all went to into three different groups to Panamaquip, Nueva Providencia, and Tierra Santa. In Nueva Providencia we mixed cement which consisted of sand, limestone powder and cement powder. We also carried sand down a steep hill to a big pile for the people doing the cement. In Panamaquip they worked on a block house for the Guatemalan people; they used cement blocks for the house. In Tierra Santa they finished building a wood house for a family with a mud floor. We came back after that took a lunch break that consisted of steak, bread, guacamole, and flour tortillas. After lunch we went into the market for a scavenger hunt for house items with a budget of 100Qs. We went to the women’s center and played futbol while some people went to the cooking class they had there. We ate at a nice restaurant that had turf and surf, alfredo pasta, etc.  Then we came back and wrote nice things in each other’s journals.  

Kaleb B.