After two fun, relaxing days, it was back to work! This morning we had mass in the mission church again, and Deacon Nathan gave a beautiful homily. He talked about God being merciful to us and specifically about Mary Magdalene. She gave her pain and suffering up to the Lord in order to follow him and live a more meaningful and generous life.

With this new insight, we split off in three groups to work at different sites. Some highlights were building a stove while listening to some Spanish music, reorganizing the construction office, and making more progress on a house we have been working on. After we finished at the work sites, we headed back to refuel our bodies with good food and great conversation. I had an awesome time post-lunch playing a card game with a few others for almost two hours!

After an afternoon break, we had the opportunity to listen to an indigenous man named Andres tell his story about “Life on the Fincas”. Personally, this was incredibly interesting because I have learned a little bit about social injustice in Latin America from school. Andres was very honest with us and had a great sense of humor. In his talk, he described the horrible and unfair life on the fincas. It pains me to know that there are still places in the world where people are enslaved and have no freedom to live as they want. On the other hand, there are groups trying to change the social problems and free the people. The mission, for example, made a large impact on the San Lucas community and the people who worked on the fincas.

After the thoughtful talk, we all had the afternoon for some free time. Fun activities included playing basketball in the town square, playing intense card games, and shopping in the market. Later in the night we had a lovely dinner. It was something new! We had carrot soup and toasted bean and cheese bread. After dinner we shopped in the mission’s gift store. It is fun to see all the teens getting San Lucas Mission merchandise. I hope they wear their new clothing back in the U.S. so they can tell the incredible stories of Guatemala and inspire others to embark on the journey we all have been going through.

After a great day, we all sat down for another game of Catchphrase. The teams were evenly matched, which made it even more fun! I am excited to see what our last fun day in Guatemala brings!

— Lauren L.

Taylor and Lauren rockin’ the Guatemala fanny packs.
Listening to the Life on the Finca Presentation