Hello, today was our mid-trip retreat day. To start off our day, we went to the biblioteca for breakfast which consisted of French toast, bread, beans, and bananas.  After our meal, we loaded up trucks and vans to go to our retreat in Nueva Providencia. Our retreat was led by Deacon Nathan and Seminarian Joe.  To start off our retreat we began with mass. After mass Seminarian Joe spoke about our relationship with God ad the purpose of being on this Mission trip.  Following Joe’s speech, we had a 20 minute adoration period where we prayed directly to God in the form of the Eucharist in the monstrance.  This adoration period was relaxing and really helped me get back on track of living the Catholic life. Once our period of adoration was over, it was time to head back for lunch.

              After we ate lunch we were able to go back to the hotel and rest up.  After a little rest, my Friend Sam and I went to the basketball court and played basketball with some of the locals here in Guatemala.  This experience was very fun as we were able to test our Spanish vocabulary during our game.  Right after basketball we went back to the biblioteca where we were picked up for our second mass of the day.  This mass was in a remote village called Panamaquip. This mass was spoken in Spanish which made it very hard to listen to, but there was a different experience at this mass. As we sat, it was heart warming to watch how many locals came to mass. The church was overflowing with locals and they all radiated the most contagious smiles.  After this mass, we headed back to eat dinner. At dinner we had turkey sandwiches and rice and it was delicious.  Next, we met up as a group outside of the church and headed into the city commons where we had a big game of basketball.  This was very fun because we interacted with another group working here at the mission and it was nice to here other people speak English.  Following our basketball game, we headed back to the hotel for an intense game of Catch-Phrase which got intense with all the competitors.  Overall today was an A+ in my opinion and I am excited to see what the rest of the trip provides for me.

-Patrick R.