Apologies for the late post. We don’t always have the best internet (every single one of the Instagram stories we tried to post yesterday is still uploading! But Guatemala teaches us to be grateful for everything we do have, so we realize how blessed we are to have high-tech phones and computers, internet, and the ability to even use technology). Catherine is sharing with us about our fourth day!

Hello! Today was our fourth day in Guatemala. The started off with mass with our group and the group that arrived last night from Eagan, Minnesota. After mass, we went to eat breakfast in the biblioteca. For breakfast we had oatmeal, beans, and eggs. After breakfast, we got into the vans and went to a small village outside of San Lucas. There we spilt into two groups and went to different worksites. Both worksites helped with some part of the construction of the houses. After that we went back to the mission and ate lunch. For lunch we had rice, chili, tortillas, rolls, and pineapple. After lunch, we went to the reforestation program and learned what it was about. After that we went and played soccer with the locals. After playing soccer with the locals for awhile, it was time to head back to the mission. We headed back not by van or by walking but by a tuk-tuk. When we got back it was dinner time. Dinner consisted of potatoes, vegetable soup, rice, and rolls.

After dinner, we went and rested before our reflection and playing catch phrase.