Hello everyone, today was our 2nd day in San Lucas, Guatemala. We started our day off with mass lead by Father Tony. We then had a wonderful breakfast consisting of fried eggs, beans, and bread. Immediately after, we began our 30-minute van ride to the remote area of Nueva Providencia. Once dropped off, we all had to bravely cross a long wooden bridge suspended by only cables. For some thrill seekers, it was a great experience. However, some others struggled because of their fear of heights. Once everybody crossed, we hiked a while up where we met our Guatemalan friends who lead us during our work. Our job today was to help haul rocks and sand for the construction of a road in their small village. The women and men split up into groups where the men carried rocks up a steep hill to the road, and the women hauled heavy sandbags through the forest. We finished our job around 12:00 and headed back to the biblioteca for lunch.

         For lunch, we all helped ourselves to some mashed potatoes, chicken, and tortillas. Once finished, we walked to the coffee manufacturing place which was founded by this mission. Here, we learned many processes on how their delicious coffee was made, and we got to try it for ourselves. After learning for a while, we headed back to the biblioteca where we watched a documentary on the beginnings of the mission and the extraordinary life of the founder, Father Greg Schaffer. Next, we ate our last meal of the day and then started on our reflections for the day. During this, the adults and younger teens split up and conversed about what happened during the day and what it meant to us.

-Sam B.