Get Involved

Being involved in your Parish Community can have such a positive impact on your faith and your sense of belonging. It is a wonderful and comfortable feeling when you know the faces around you - when you really know them and have things you can share with them and conversely, you can learn about them and what is going on in their lives. It adds to "feeling at home" and to the feeling that we are one body and that is what Jesus wants of his people and of his church!
Give Online

Give Online Now

Setup Recurring Auto Withdrawal from your Checking Account

Why Give Online?

Giving online is convenient and consistent – you don’t have to think about it or remember to do it!  At the end of the year when you need to report donations for your tax records, you can easily get a summary of your giving totals for the year.

Schedule your donations to recur each week or each month. Or for added convenience, schedule them to co-incide with your paydays.  You also have the option to manually make one donation at a time if you prefer. 

However you decide to give, you can easily change it at any time by simply logging in with your unique username and password to our secure and safe service.  

Don’t let travel or illness, or simply forgetting your checkbook, prevent you from following through on your good intentions for regular donations to your parish.  You are probably already using automatic banking or credit cards to pay various bills. Why not use these convenient methods for your contributions to Our Lady of the Lake too?

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