Options for Grades 1-5

Elementary Faith and Family Formation Schedule- grades 1-5


Grades 1-5 will meet in person the first Wednesday of the month. Grades 6-8 will meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month and Family Formation will meet the third Wednesday of the Month. In person sessions will be 6:15-7:30pm, Family Faith Formation nights will run from 5:45 to 7:30pm

Each month will begin with a new Theme/Unit with 3-4 lessons per unit. Students should complete the unit by the end of each month.

Catechists will touch base virtually with their class once a week via flipgrid when they are not meeting in person.

Each month at the in-person session, Catechists will give students a Family Faith Challenge sheet to be completed by students and their families by the next in person session. Completed challenges will be worth points for additional incentives.


In Person Sessions Units

October 21st- grades 1-5 FF Unit 1– Revelation

Nov. 4th- grades 1-5 FF Unit 2– Trinity

Nov. 18th- Family Faith Formation- 5:45-8pm Teaching Mass with Father Peter

Nov. 25-26- Thanksgiving

Dec. 2nd grades 1-5 Unit 3– Jesus Christ

Dec.12th – Sacramental Preparation parent meeting 10-11am

Dec. 16th- Family Faith Formation 5:45-8pm Teaching Mass w/ Father Peter

Dec. 23-30th Christmas break

Jan. 6th grades 1-5 FF Unit 4– The Church

Jan. 20th- Family Faith Formation 5:45-8pm Teaching Mass/ Father Peter

Jan. 27- All virtual

Feb. 3rd– grades 1-5 Unit 5- Morality

Feb. 17th- Ash Wednesday- Families attend Mass if Possible

Feb. 20th 1st Reconciliation Retreat 2nd Grade 10am-12pm

Feb. 24th- All virtual

Feb. 27th 1st Reconciliation Service 10-11am

March 3rd grades 1-5 Unit 6– the Sacraments

March 17th Family Faith Formation Teaching Mass with Father Peter

March 24th Safety Sessions Safety Sessions

March 31st- All virtual

April 7th grades 1-5 Unit 7– Kingdom of God

April 17th 1st Communion Retreat for 2nd Grade

April 21st- Family Faith Formation end of year celebration

 May 2nd 1st Communion for 2nd Grade