Below you can explore some of the wide variety of opportunites available at OLL to help you to enrich your faith and grow in your faith.


The formation of the Catholic from the time of birth through the end of life is an important aspect of one’s growth in faith and spirtuality.  At OLL we offer a variety of opportunities for Catholic formation including studies, activities, and preparation and formation classes and so much more! The options are broken into 3 “life stages”: Families and young Children (up to 5th Grade), Jr./Sr. High Students, and Adults. You can see the options in the different sections below.   



Molly Jones

Molly Jones

Elementary Faith Formation Coordinator


Birth-8th Grade

Our Child and Family Faith Formation Coordinator, Molly Jones coordinates the following opportunities for Catholic formation for children and families:

Catholic Faith Formation Classes for both Families and Children from Grades 1-5,
Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Early Catholic Family Life (ECFL)
Vacation Bible School

Jake Burmis

Jake Burmis

Youth Minister

Jr. High and High School

Our Youth Minister, Jake Burmis, coordinates the following programs for students in grades 6 and up:

Youth Ministry


Carla LaBore

Carla LaBore

Pastoral Minister and Adult Education

Adult Formation


Our Adult Faith Formation Coordinator Carla LaBore coordinates the following programs for adults to enrich and explore the Catholic Faith:


Bible Studies
Parish Library
Baptism Prepraration


Carla also coordinates the occasional parish spiritual day trips and manages Sacramental Certificate Requests.


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