Hours:  8:30am – 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, First Friday
8:30am – 8:00pm

Young Family Adoration – Wednesdays when there is a School Mass – 9:45am – 10:30am

 Sign up now, or see volunteer schedules here


Please do not come to the Adoration Chapel if you are sick, have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, etc.

Please wear a mask.  Maximum Capacity – 7.


  • If you are a sub, write your name in next to the person you are subbing for.
  • If you are visiting and not scheduled for the time you are attending, please write your name and the time arrived on the bottom of the sign-in sheet.

Adorers are asked to sanitize their chair and kneeler (if used) before leaving.

 When your hour is over and the next adorer comes, please leave quickly to minimize the number of people in the chapel.

All books, rosaries, pamphlets, etc. have been removed from the chapel until further notice. You are welcome to bring your own personal materials, but we ask that you take them with you when you leave.



EUCHARISTIC ADORATION – Experience the power of prayer in the real presence of Jesus!


We are so happy you are interested in Eucharistic Adoration!  Below is some useful information for any questions you may have…

Come and adore! And feel free to invite friends, family members, and fellow parishioners to go to Adoration with you. Many people have found that time spent in Adoration is a great comfort when they are grieving the loss of a loved one.

 What to do in Adoration
Please help make the Adoration chapel a place of silence and reverence:


  • Genuflect when you enter and leave.
  • Please don’t bring food or beverages into the chapel.
  • Silence your cell phones and step outside the chapel for conversations.
  • There are Bibles and good spiritual reading materials in the chapel. Please leave these items in the chapel for everyone’s use and don’t take them home, unless it is specifically labeled for take-home use.


Adoration Closure:
If Adoration is closed due to a funeral Mass taking place, or in case of severe weather,  you will receive an email or a phone call to let you know.

Be aware of parking restrictions in front of the church during the day. After 6 pm you can park on the street by the John Paul II Chapel.

 Sign up as a Guardian!
By signing up you are committing to be in Adoration each week as a “Guardian” of the Eucharist. A requirement to have Adoration is that the exposed Eucharist in the monstrance is never left alone. Therefore, you will need to stay for the full hour, until the next assigned person comes. This is done out of reverence for the Eucharistic Presence, and to assure that one person does not have stay in the chapel for additional hours if Adorers do not fulfill their commitment.  Please sign in to the book every time you come to Adoration.

 If you are a guardian (volunteer adorerer with an assigned time) and you cannot make your regular hour as scheduled please do not call the parish office. The schedule shows the shift captain for your hour. Please call the captain who is organizing your hour if you have questions or concerns or need to make a change.

 If there are two or more people scheduled each hour, but ALL are expected to be there and to find their own substitute if they cannot make it.  This is done for reasons of personal safety and in case emergencies arise.  Also, it is VERY helpful if you show up 3-5 minutes EARLY for your hour. Then the person who is leaving can wrap up their prayer time and not worry about leaving on time. This sounds very simple, but we all tend to run late and it really helps everything run well if you plan in advance to arrive in the chapel a few minutes early.  Other people may come and go during your assigned hour, but the Guardians should stay the entire hour.