Our Mission is to support the spiritual, educational, and charitable needs of our Catholic family. 

We attempt to accomplish this through the following support mechanisms:


Funeral Pre-planning:
It can happen at any time.  It can happen without warning, whether by accident or disease.  There are many decisions that need to be made in planning for a funeral and burial.   During this stressful time, it is hard to make good choices, and it is hard to know what your loved one would have chosen.  Pre-planning lets you communicate your wishes to your loved ones.

There can also be a financial burden as a result of the funeral and burial costs.  Most funeral homes provide for a pre-payment of these fees, generally at a reduced price.  Estimated Funeral costs can be as much as $10,000 so planning ahead can be very helpful.


Medical Directives:
There are many alternatives in planning for your medical care.  Most clinics and hospitals ask you to complete these directives, especially prior to a surgery.  It is important for your family and care givers to know whether you wish to use extraordinary means to keep you alive, or if you do not want artificial life support.  Providers appreciate knowing what you think is best for you and your loved ones.

Examples are: Living wills, POLST (Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment), Minnesota Health Care Directives


Endowment Funds:
An endowment is a repository for financial gifts given to an institution with a special purpose stated by the donor.  Our Endowment is designed to preserve the principal (the original gift) while using part of the interest money earned to support the work of the parish.  The original gift continues to earn interest forever (“in perpetuity”).  Your gift today will continue to benefit Our Lady of the Lake year after year!

Setup your endowment online:
Click here to start the process of setting up your future endowment to OLL Church or School 

For more information on these topics please contact the appropriate person below:

Funeral Pre-planning:
Carla LaBore  952-472-8204
Endowment Options:
Rhonda Eurich  952-472-8201
Health Care Directives:
Stacy Hoh  952-240-6063


Wills/estate planning:
If a person dies without a will and if there are no other provisions for the transfer of assets, the State of Minnesota determines who inherits your property.  Assets that have been accumulated over the years may not pass to the intended beneficiary without proper planning.  For larger estates, extra taxes may also be assessed. 

Examples include: Wills, Trusts, Beneficiary designations, Joint tenancy of property, IRAs, 401Ks, Pension plans, Joint ownership of banking accounts



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