Now is the time to speak up for the unborn and their mothers! 

Extreme abortion bill (H.F. 1 The Pro Act) is moving to a full House vote and its final Senate committee

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Bishop Chad Zielinski of the Diocese of New Ulm testifies in opposition to the PRO Act. View his entire testimony and the full Senate hearing here.

“The question, after the Dobbs decision, is, to what extent the state will give protections to what science has conclusively established is a human being at its earliest moments of life.

Tragically, the answer that this legislation attempts to provide is “none.” Sadly, this legislation excludes unborn humans from our care and concern.  We cannot be naïve that state-sanctioned violence against a whole class of persons within its jurisdiction does not lead to greater callousness and degradations of human life and more general disrespect for others—the evidence is all around us.” – Letter of Testimony to the House Health Finance and Policy Committee Opposing the Protect Reproductive Options Act

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