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The Curriculum

We useLifeTeen’s Purpose Confirmation Sacramental Preparation Program. 

Purpose is a transformative approach to Confirmation.

The Purpose curriculum sessions focus on evangelizing young people and accompanying them as they become disciples. The curriculum addresses three  big questions, “Why believe in God?”, “Why trust Jesus?” and “Why be a part of the Church?”

These sessions combine powerful teachings, videos small group discussions,
 activities and  games to evangelize and disciple teens.

For additional information about our program, please contact youth minister Michelle Boris.

Important Details:


  • Candidates will meet in a small group format. Groups will choose their own schedule for the year, following deadlines for when to complete each session to make sure they stay on track. We recommend your group choose a consistent date and time for ease (i.e. every Tuesday night from 6-7:30 pm), but know that things come up, so allow flexibility. We just need to know the scheduled dates and times for the year at the October 3rd meeting
  • Your group may choose to meet off-site at a public venue like a coffee shop if the entire group agrees and all candidates have a permission form on file. Your small group must schedule the date, time, and location of these events during the Oct. 3 orientation so that we can ensure you have the proper permission forms for the year. No meetings in private homes will be allowed.
  • New this year: Incoming first-year candidates are transition to a one-year preparation program, with the opportunity to stay in their small group as a discipleship group throughout high school. They will complete 25 sessions throughout the year and be confirmed in the Spring of 2022.

Important Dates – Please Mark Your Calendars

Sept. 29 – Opening Faith Formation Mass at 6:30 pm

Oct. 3 – Candidate/Parent Orientation and Opening Session

  • Please note that you will complete lesson #1 at this session with your parents and small group leader
  • Bring your calendar for the year. Each small group will create their schedule, including all session meeting dates, times, and locations, at this orientation.

Nov. 13 (Tentative) – Candidate and Sponsor Retreat from 1 pm- 6 pm

May 15, 2022 – Confirmation Ceremony at the Cathedral of St. Paul (arrive by 1:30 pm)


New this year: Each child or teen from the same family must be registered individually to ensure proper permission forms, waivers and information is on record for each person. 

Tuition Information

1 Child: $90.00 2 Children: $130.00 3 Children or More: $150.00 Non-Parishioner: $180.00/child

1 Child: $140.00 2 Children: $180.00 3 Children or More: $200.00 Non-Parishioner: $230.00/child

Sacramental Preparation Fee for 2nd Grade and Confirmation (in addition to regular tuition): $50.00

All regular volunteers receive an overall tuition discount of $90.

About the Program

 Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation, in which we receive the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to share the Gospel.

Preparation is open to those in their freshman year of high school and older. Preparation includes formation/preparation meetings, retreat, service projects, parent and sponsor meetings, and other events. The Sacrament of Confirmation is received in the spring of the final year of preparation.

New in 2021: We are moving to a one year preparation program. First year candidates will complete all 25 sessions throughout the 2021-2022 year and will be Confirmed on May 15, 2022. 

Adults interested in receiving Confirmation should explore RCIA.