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Recently Father Tony accepted the Bishop Paul Dudley Servant Leadership Award from the St. Paul’s Outreach on behalf of Companions for Christ.

Companions for Christ began in 1985 when 5 single men moved into a St. Paul, MN household to support each other in desiring to “live single for the Lord” in a communal way.

Bishop Robert Carlson recognized the inspiration and encouraged these men to pursue becoming an association of priests in the Archdiocese. The first priests of the Companions of Christ were ordained in 1994. Today they number 29 priests in our Archdiocese who serve in parishes, seminaries, hospitals, and other areas of the archdiocese.

As their name suggests, the Companions of Christ seek to draw close to Christ through the sharing of fraternal life. They seek to support each other and hold each other accountable to a life of priestly holiness and fraternal charity.

In 2007 the Companions of Christ expanded to the Archdiocese of Denver, CO; there are about a dozen Companions there. A handful of other dioceses around the country are also currently contemplating their own branch of the Companions of Christ.