Our Committees

What happens behind the scenes?

There are many volunteers who work as a team to help keep our Church running!

In addition to our Parish Council, our Finance Committee, and our School Board, we also have many other committees that are active in keeping our Church running smoothly, being a safe place, and looking great. See our various committees below, and consider joining one of them if you are interested!

Our Various Committees

These are the Committees that are currently active in our Church, read more about them and perhaps consider joining one!

Parish Council

The Parish Council discerns the will of God for our local Church, provides vision and leadership in decision making, solicits opinions of parishioners, acts as liaisons with other groups in our church (listed on this page), participates in monthly meetings, and our annual parish meeting.  Meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Click to learn more, see who the current members are, or to read summaries of meeting minutes.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides advice and counsel regarding the administration and financial activities of the parish. Click to learn more, to see current members, or to view summaries of meeting minutes.

School Board

The School Board is part of the effort by Our Lady of the Lake to establish a sustainable, cutting-edge educational product.  It is a unique school governance model that allows an elected School Board to have a more prominent role in working with the Pastor to govern the school.  Click to see the current members, summaries of meeting minutes, as well as the bylaws which have been approved by the Archdiocese and are available for anyone to review.

Maintenance and Safety Committee

Provide advice and assistance on the maintenance of our facilities to ensure a safe environment for the parish community. Meets the 3rd Tuesday each month at 5:30 pm.

Stewardship and Welcoming Committee

Develop ways to increase membership of our church and in our committees, groups and organizations. Promote stewardship as an act of discipleship and develop ways to invite parishioners to offer their God-given gifts of time, talent and financial support for the work of Christ. Meets the 1st Monday each month at 6:30pm.

Incredible Festival Committee

Join the Incredible team for the Annual Parish Festival. Assist with one or more of the many activities such as food booths, ticket booths, silent auction helpers, chicken dinner and other volunteer opportunities. Flexible scheduling.

Cemetery Committee

Oversee the operation and maintenance of the parish cemetery.


Bulletin Assembly Committee

Assist with the assembly of the mail-out monthly bulletin.

Garden and Landscape Committee

Help with design, planting, watering & care of church gardens & grounds. Flexible schedule.

Office Support Committee

Assist in preparation of weekly/monthly bulletins, mailings, clerical duties, data entry, and various special projects. Also, there are opportunities to attend a select ministry, take notes, prepare and distribute minutes by mail or e-mail.

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