Great news! We wanted to let everyone know that a contractor has been chosen for the restoration of the Church, Daily Chapel, and Sacristy terrazzo floors. There are multiple areas of significant cracking and many areas of pitting throughout the floors. Because of their overall current condition, we have chosen to go forward with a full restoration of the floors to bring them back to their original condition and luster, instead of just a strip, polish and seal. By fully restoring the floors, we can expect them to stand up to another 55 years of use by our parish.

The work is scheduled to begin around Sept. 30th and extend through the month of October. This is going to be an extensive process that will require removal of the pews in sections. Sections of the pews will be blocked off for the weekend Masses. During the weekdays, the main sanctuary will not be open to walk through for safety reasons. After this work is completed, we will be moving for-ward with a detailed maintenance program to help ensure the floors are well-cared for.

The Communion Services and Masses during the weekdays will take place in the following locations:
Monday at 8:00am Communion Service Fireside Room
Tuesday at 6:30pm Mass Fireside Room
Wednesday at 9:00am School Mass Gym
Thursday at 8:00am Mass Fireside Room
Friday at 8:00am Mass Fireside Room

**Weekend Confessions and Masses will remain in the Church.

Thank you for your patience during this restoration!