“The Bible and the Church Fathers” study begins on Monday, Aug. 10 (6:30 p.m.) and Tuesday, Aug. 11 (1:30 p.m.).  We will explore how the Bible came to be and why the early Church leaders were so insistent on following the teachings of Christ.  Find out who these Fathers were, and why the early Christians were willing to suffer persecutions and death for their faith.  Learn how the Scriptures provided the basis for our Sacraments.

Lesson 1:  How was it determined that someone could be called a Church “Father”?  How are they connected to the discipleship of Christ?

Lesson 2:  What were the specific difficulties that the early Church faced after the resurrection of Christ?  The persecutions are put in a historical context.

Lesson 3:  The Fathers explain salvation history in light of the promises of the Old Testament and fulfillment in the New Testament.