Automatic Giving Option

Have you considered the benefits of Automatic Giving?

Due to many factors such as vacations, business trips, school events, and sickness, the average parishioner attends Sunday Mass at his or her home parish 40 weeks per year.

In addition, we occasionally forget to bring our offering envelope or checkbook to Mass.


When we miss a weekend Mass or two, for whatever reason, we all intend to make it up on our return. But you know what they say about “Good Intentions.” That means your parish may be receiving 20% less than you pledged.

In today’s digital age, many people do all their bill paying using automatic banking or credit cards. Why not use these convenient methods for your contributions to Our Lady of the Lake?



Go here and setup your profile and recurring payments now!

As seen in the image, you have the option to create a profile so that you can setup your recurring payments and come back at any time to make changes to the payments.  Once you have created your profile, you simply use the “Log In” section, also shown in the image here.  Click the image to get started!

Or if you wish to sign-up by phone or email, or have questions, contact Char Nee, Administrative Assistant, at 952-472-8206 or

Benefits to You:

  • Convenient
  • Consistent
  • Safe & Secure
  • Tax records available 24/7
  • Easy to change anytime
  • Go green – less paper
  • Supports one-time donations
  • Schedule to coincide with paydays
  • Potential for Credit Card rewards/miles

Benefits to OLL:

  • Predictable/steady income during the year
  • Less administrative effort fo rthe staff
  • Increased contriburions
  • Increased safety