Why Do You Volunteer?

“New research suggests that volunteers aren’t just helping the communities they serve. People who volunteer actually experience a boost in their mental health—good news at a time when more than a third of Americans are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Compared to people who didn’t volunteer, people who had volunteered in the past year were more satisfied with their lives and rated their overall health as better. Additionally, the researchers found that people who volunteered more frequently experienced greater benefits: Those who volunteered at least once a month reported better mental health than participants who volunteered infrequently or not at all.”

God is calling you back! Revive your spirit and mind! Give your time and talent for something bigger than you!
Come check out our Ministry Fair this weekend after Mass. Food and drink will be served at each day of the Ministry Fair – Nov 20 &21.

(article by Elizabeth Hopper, Greater Good Living website)