Thank you for your continued generosity in supporting Our Lady of the Lake, both in prayer and financially, so that together we can continue making the name of Jesus Christ known and loved! This has been a year of financial hardship for many, and we are so grateful for your sacrificial giving. If there is something that you need from us, please let us know!

Your offertory support at this time is CRITICAL.  The pandemic has posed many challenges, including offertory funds due to the suspension and limiting of mass.  Our staff members strive daily to be dutiful stewards, but we need you to keep OLL going during these difficult days! We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider, in addition to your current giving, a special year-end gift to support our parish community. Please continue to keep your parish healthy.

Here is how to give a one time gift or recurring donation:


Gift Deadlines for 2020 Tax Credit   In order to receive tax-deduction credit for your 2020 taxes, mailed checks must be postmarked by Thursday, December 31st.

If you would like to drop off a donation, please remember the Church Office closes at Noon on December 31st.

Thank you for your generosity to OLL!

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